Saturday, March 12, 2011

Landon Lee turns 2

*Here is a little video from lan's bday!*

It is crazy to think my little boy is already 2 years old!! I remember getting the call while I was working and my dr. saying "are you ready to have a baby today?" ( I was already high risk & was being monitored by 2 diff. dr.s) she said "you should have been induced by now lets get this going!" i just started crying saying NO i am not ready!  5 hrs later I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy and my life was changed forever... I Never knew how much my life was going to change but it has all been for the best... it have had been a hard road but  we are making it each day together we are a team and he is my best friend! I love you landon lee, thank you for being my son, I will always try to make you proud and be the best mommy i can for YOU! Happy birthday monkey : )