Wednesday, February 27, 2013

34 weeks pregnant

How far along are you? 35 weeks tomorrow (2/28/13)

Total weight gain:  15 pounds

Maternity clothes:  No just sweats, jammies, and leggings.

Stretch Marks:  Yup found a new one this wk... oh well ill never have a cute body again but ill have some cute babies instead!

Sleep:  sucks! my hips hurt so damn bad and now its my lower back. I barely can turn over with it struggling. I guess I better get used to no sleep because soon my life will never consist of sleep!

Best moment of this week:  This has been a hell week, but in the midst of it all I got to get an ultra sound of my sweet baby girl who is growing well and actually measured a little big.

Miss anything?  I miss feeling good and not waddling when I walk. I have always had bad hip pain and joint pain...but its gotten way worse with the pregnancy.. hoping to God this pregnancy and the stress doesn't throw my body into RA.  My mom has Rheumatoid arthritis was diagnosed when she was 19 and if I have it, it might not show up until after pregnancy ... so just always in the back of my mind when my joints hurt and my immune system becomes so low and I have been sick non stop for the last 9 months.

Food Cravings? I have been craving junk which I have to stop! I crave Lucky Charms all the time! and one new one which I totally not me is MOUNTAIN DEW!! I haven't drank that crap since high school and I have been craving the crap out of it!

Gender: Girl.

Any Labor signs?  Lots of Braxton hicks and lower menstrual like back pain... and tons of pressure.. but im sure im good .

Symptoms: heart burn is back. just mood swings, a litte depression.... but that's just due to the hormones and just if you truly know me .. its been rough lately.

Belly button IN or OUT?  IN just a little flat still.

Happy or Moody? just been a hard week, my poor momma who has been through hell and back in life is in the ICU fighting pneumonia and sepsis... also they found she had a mild heart attack.... love that little fighter !  also lee has a nasty stomach bug and im praying I don't get it now.. when it rains it pours.