Thursday, January 31, 2013

31 weeks pregnant

How far along are you?  31 weeks

Total weight gain:  14 pounds.  Really growing now!

Maternity clothes:  No just sweats, jammies, and leggings.

Stretch Marks:  No, just same old ones from lee.

Sleep:  ohh sleep has been on and off.  The heartburn has gotten a lot better since I am now taking Prevacid so that's awesome!  I now am getting the worst hot flashes and night sweats! I get so so so hot at night and sleep with two fans! Im blaming it on the preggo hormones and the progesterone shots I now get once a week.. I am just loaded up with hormones. The shots hurt super bad after and my hips are very very sore so its hard to get comfortable now as well. so Sleep is rough.

Best moment of this week:  To be honest this has been a rough time.. but the best part about being on bed rest is getting to calm down, take a break and relax and not feel a damn bit of guilt for it.  Which means more quality time with my best friend in the entire world.. my Landon Lee.  We snuggle from the second he walks in the door from school and we do puzzles in his room and he"reads" me stories and watch movies.  It has been nice not working 10 hour days and rushing around like a crazy person when we get home from school/work to get everything done and stick to our week night schedule. 

Miss anything?  not so much that I miss anything but I am pretty emotional and just tired, tired of being sore and uncomfortable, tired of beign sick constantly with sinus problems, tired of not being able to sleep or get comfy or go anywhere or drive a car.. sorry im obviously in a shitty mood today.

Food Cravings: NONE, I literally have to force myself to eat anything these days.

Gender: Girl.

Any Labor signs?  yes, obviously! I am on bed rest due to preterm labor & a short cervix (incompetent cervix).  I still get contractions occasionally but nothing to crazy. I do get bad bad pressure and sharp pains if I stand up for more then 10 minutes so that sucks ass.! I am on Procardia every 4 hours to keep those at bay.  I did try to come off that a little due to it dropping my BP down to 88/50 and I did well for two days without it and then suddenly I had a 3 really big contractions and decided to take my dose again.  Also last night I suddenly had a weird feeling and I was just sitting down and I got dizzy and felt weird.. it didn't go away so I checked my bP and it was 155/91 which is crazy crazy high!! Heart rate was 103.... so I took one of my procardias and thankfully 3 hours later it was down to 96/74 but it did take a while and I felt horrible! it scared me because the last thing I need to pre eclampsia!! I'm praying I don't get another spike like that again but will for sure be calling my Dr if it happens again. I go to appts every Monday now and every Tuesday for my shot so Ill be mentioning it to her as well there.

Symptoms:   Same stuff iv already mentioned.  exhaustion, few headaches are back but I'm thinking that's due to my blood pressure issues.

Belly button IN or OUT?  IN just a little flat still.

Happy or Moody?

 I have become an emotional sad mess some days.  I swear its the Progesterone shots I am getting on top of the pregnancy hormones.  Progesterone is a pretty shitty hormone and makes people crazy lol  I am just overwhelmed with trying to figure out how I can support my kids and myself when I cant work now and wont for months to come and its all on me to provide whatever sh needs... Yes I am having a baby shower so Thank God for that! but there will still be things I need to buy, and I have NO income. so that stresses me out a lot.  but It all has to work out some way some how right?   just feeling really alone lately and I hate that feeling. I feel like I didn't make this baby by myself but yet I'm the only one having take responsibility and having consequences for my bad choices. sounds blunt but I couldn't care less what anyone else thinks especially if you have NO clue what your talking about or anything about my personal situation.  see there are those HORMONES haha! anyways ya so that's it for this little update... make sure you follow my blog its on the left hand side!

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