Sunday, April 24, 2011

Top 5 fav Nail colors for spring/summer 2011

So if you know me, you know I have an intense obsession/addiction to nail polish. For me nail polish is the easiest and quickest accessory you can wear and truly show your personality, or just add color and fun to your life! With spring & summer in the air I thought I would do a blog what I think is "IN" for spring nail colors and what my top 5 favs are right now. 

*1. MINT GREEN: Essie Mint candy apple

 This has been on my nails for weeks now, it is for sure my go to color right now, i feel like it is super fresh and springy and i just love it! 

*2.Pale Pastel Lavender colors.
It looks so fresh, it not to "in your face" I love it because it adds a nice pop of color but in a very classy and subtle way.

*3. Sky/ Baby blue 
I think this is the perfect color for spring and summer its a nice "cool " and agian fresh pop of color, that is a little more vibrant which i love! 

*4. Coral- ESSI: California Coral $8
Dip your nails in this bright shade. A playful color that is warm, bold, and gorgeous for summer.
*5. Nude bare nails
I am loving these colors! They a great for ANY skin tone, they match any outfit, & great for if you need a more classy put together look!

I hope you all enjoy this little blog I wanted to do something  on a "happy" note, I know my blogs havn't been the best lately. 

 Landon has already gotten 2 easter baskets and will be getting more treats tonight! hope everyone has an amazing day!!!
xoxo Katherine

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