Sunday, August 19, 2012

the new me i hope to be

  I really have been trying so hard to work on myself as a person and really dig deep to find who I am. I am sure we all have things we would like to change about ourselves right?  I think the most beautiful people in this world are those who have learned heartache, compassion and understanding for others.  These are all things that I like to believe the struggles I have gone through have instilled in me.  BUT I also have some major flaws that I want to fix and work on.  I also think it takes a very mature and strong person to be able to truly self reflect and realize their flaws and attemp to change them which is why I am on this journey of healing and becoming the mom and person I would like to be.  I have sat down and made a list of the things I would like to work on:

                                                 * when I am hurt I lash out and say things I truly dont mean but I am just hurt and angry (which I am sure we all have done or do) but for me this seems to get me in a lot of trouble and hurt people I love.  I would like to learn how to express that I am hurting in a healthier way.
                                                  * LeT GO!- I want to let go of the past and really move on.

                                                  * DONT JUDGE-  If you truly know me you know I have a very strong faith, I dont go to church every sunday but I do have a very loving and strong relationship with the Lord that honestly means so much to me.  With that said I would like to be someone who tries to not cast judgment onto others and to be kind as I can be and always have love in my heart.

                                                 * Love and Be happy- being happy, sounds so easy right? for some peopel it can be a daily battle.  at the end of the day I want to cherish the people who truly love me and are REAL genuine Friends and or family and wash my hands of the fake, judgmental, only there when they feel like it people. 

These are the main things that I  am working on through this journey of self reflection. 

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