Monday, January 14, 2013

28 weeks & 4 days preggo!

How far along are you?   28 weeks & 4 days :)

Total weight gain?  7lbs... just had my 28 week apt today and looks like I gained 2 more pounds since my last appt. I am super happy about that, and my tummy is measuring great so that hopefully means miss Ellie Belly is growing well too.

Maternity Clothes?  No, I basically still live in scrubs for work and sweat pants.  I did buy some new jeggings from American Eagle the other day because they were on sale and I just use my Bella Band when I wear those and leave the top unbuttoned.

Stretch Marks?  No new ones just the same one I have had from Landon on my hips...uck

Sleep?  Sleep actually has been great! NO heartburn at all this week, gosh I hope I'm not jinxing myself.  I have been having some crazy crazy dreams though.  I also am way more exhausted then I usually am and by the time I get home from work and get Landon his dinner made and tubby time and Jammie's on, I am just physically done for.

Best moment this week?  This week has been somewhat uneventful, I had a rough week at work it was insane!  I have to say the best moment was being able to get some things organized and clean out Landon's closet and my closet.  I made Landon a big toy closet and he I super excited about it.  Oh lordy lou I am one boring person if organizing was the highlight of my life this week.....

Miss anything?  hmmmm I miss being able to have  a glass of wine here and there that's for sure...and I have been craving sushi sooo bad lately. Once again I miss being able to bend down and walk for more then 10 minutes and not feel like this baby is coming out lol

Food Cravings?  still craving those iced coffees! oh and smoothies... I have stocked up on smoothie making ingredients and look forward to my morning smoothie everyday :)

Anything Making you Queasy?  Nope not really.

Gender?  GirL

Any Labor Signs?  Nope not yet. She still has a while to cook.  I do get Braxton hicks occasionally but nothing that I would be concerned about.

Symptoms?  Just very easily fatigued and the breathlessness has gotten so much worse but I'm assuming it will be like this until she gets here. 

Belly button IN or OUT?  Flat

Happy OR Moody?  Honestly I am feeling good, , I hate my job and would love to get a good LPN job but each day I'm working on thinking positive and I know God has a plan and I just need to trust him right now. But lets be real here I am a single momma to a 3 year old who is 7 months preggo and working 10 hr days in a daycare center with screaming babies all day for minimum wage....sooooo  I mean I do get tired and sore when I get home from work, so my patience wear thin but that's normal when your body is changing so much from week to week and you are growing a human being inside of you lol.  But all in all I'm happy girl and loving every precious moment I get with my sweet Landon just me and him time and I am grateful for this job because Lord knows its better then nothing.

Looking forward to?  I'm looking forward to getting another ultra sound in the next few weeks, I just want to see my sweet girl and know she is growing and healthy :)

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